I believe that original artwork can enrich and support the home environment. In addition, the journey taken to discover the kind of artwork we like, to seek out where to buy it, and to put it up in our homes is a hugely valuable and rewarding one.

I would like to help you where I can on that journey. In my blog I suggest ways in which you can find the work you love, at the price that is right for you. I also provide information about the things to be aware of when buying, framing, transporting and installing artwork so that you can be confident that you have made informed choices.

I provide a one stop service so that you can find the artwork you love, have it framed, delivered and installed all from Fine Art Picture Framing. Or I can help with any combination of those steps. There are so many ways you can find the original artwork that is right for you. I believe it is an enjoyable, enriching, life-affirming pursuit and that it is an adventure that has no end.