Alex maincrop

The price of framing varies depending on the materials and techniques used. For original artwork, framing should be conservation level or above for two main reasons. First, framing of this type should be reversible. Take for example a work on paper, the methods used in framing should be able to be reversed so that the artwork is returned to its original state before it was framed.


If techniques are used that are not reversible, i.e. glueing the artwork to a board to flatten it, then the value of the work will be significantly reduced. This should be of primary consideration when framing original works of art. The second reason framing original artwork should be conservation level or above is that the materials used are not going to damage the artwork over time. Lignin in paper and board becomes acidic over time, turns yellow and becomes brittle. If the materials used to frame a piece of artwork contain lignin, then this acid will leach into the artwork making it turn yellow and become brittle. The frame in the image below is a framed original print. The print has been surface mounted using a reversible technique and materials, and the mountboard used is conservation grade.The image is set back from the glass using spacers, as if work is framed touching the glass, it can adhere to it causing irreversible damage.

The backboard has an acid free internal face and water resistant external face. The frame is oak, hand finished with liming wax. A work framed in this way costs:

Frame size 850mm x850mm = £160.00
Frame size 560mm x 560mm = £120.00
Frame size 280mm x 280mm = £100.00

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